Ultimate Volcano Activity Guide Answers

Ultimate Volcano Kit Answers

Test Your Knowledge Answers:

1. The circle of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean

2. Vulcanologist

3. Mauna Loa

4. Cinder cone, shield volcano, composite or stratovolcano

5. More than 10,000 years

6. Tambora Volcano in Indonesia

7. Obsidian

8. Scoria cones

9. Mantle

10. Magma chamber, summit crater, and central vent


True/False Answers:

1. The continents are continually moving.                                                   T

2. Three fourths of the active volcanoes are on the Ring of Fire.                    T

3.   All volcanoes erupt with fiery explosions.                                              F

4. Earth is the only planet we know about that has volcanoes.                     F

5. The Earth’s core is completely solid.                                                     F

6. Volcanoes get their name from the Roman god of fire.                             T

7. Cinder cones usually are created from a single eruption.                         T

8. More than a 10,000 volcanoes erupt every week.                                    F

9. Volcanic eruptions can alter the climate of the globe.                              T

10. Scientists can predict exactly when a volcano will erupt.                       F


Cryptogram Answer:

Answer: Volcanoes are a real blast!

Volcano Jumble Answers:

Words: Mount Saint Helens, Pinatubo, Mount Fuji, Tambora, Olympus Mons

Secret Phrase: Stay away when I erupt!


Volcano Crossword Answers:


1. Olympus Mons
3. Obsidian
8. Scoria Cone
9. Vulcan
10. Magma
2. Pinatubo
4. Pumice
5. Basalt
6. Mauna Kea
7. Volcanic Winter









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