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Triceratops Action Figure — Includes Real Dinosaur Bone Fossil!

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MSRP:  $14.99

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  • FUN LEARNING TOY - This non-toxic triceratops is historically accurate, features a movable neck and is the perfect size for kids to play with (7 ½” long)

  • GENUINE DINO BONE - Set includes a real dinosaur fossil (approx. 140 million years old) to inspire your child’s imagination

  • INCREDIBLE DETAIL – This highly detailed action figure is hand-painted and ultra-realistic

  • A DINO ADVENTURE– Set includes a full-color adventure guide (written by teachers), and an activity booklet

  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY - Join the 1000's of parents who have chosen our award-winning toys, and rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee


Tour the Cretaceous period with the thunderous Triceratops!


The Triceratops is easily recognizable and it is clear why, with a name that literally translates to “three-horned face”, but did you know:


  • The Triceratops’ two main horns could grow up to 3 feet long

  • The Triceratops’ head was nearly a third of its entire length

  • The Triceratops was an herbivore, eating only vegetation


The Discover Dinosaurs series by Discover with Dr. Cool makes dinosaur learning fun and educational. In addition to the high quality dinosaur action figure, you’ll also get fantastic learning guides filled with tons of amazing dinosaur facts, and a genuine dinosaur bone fossil for your collection!


This Complete Triceratops Science Kit includes:


  • A hand-painted, durable, Triceratops action figure with movable neck

  • A genuine dinosaur bone fossil approximately 140 million years old

  • An adventure guide with educational material written by teachers

  • An activity booklet with 10 exciting puzzles, mazes, and challenges


Built to last, this is a dinosaur toy your child will treasure for years.



A Brand You Can Trust


Discover with Dr. Cool is a name parents trust.  Founded by a teacher and a life-long rock hound back in 2009, Dr. Cool has won over 100 awards for the play value, educational content, and overall quality of their toys.  These awards include:


  • 10 Best Toys for Kids - Dr. Toy

  • Kid's Product of the Year - Creative Child Magazine

  • Award of Excellence - Parent Tested, Parent Approve

  • Best of the Year – Family Review Center

  • Brain Toy Award – Academic’s Choice

  • Brain Child Toy Award – Tillywig Toy

  • Teachers Choice Award - Learning Magazine


All Discover with Dr. Cool products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know you’re giving a quality gift that any child will love!


Science doesn’t get any cooler than this!

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