Product Activity Guide Translations

We here at Discover with Dr. Cool want our educational science toys to be accessible for everyone. To this point, we have most of our products activity guides text translated to 3 different languages: Spanish, German and French. The translations files can be downloaded or viewed directly from the individual product pages and can be found in the 'Translations' tab when scrolling down the page.  Happy learning and playing in whichever language you prefer!


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Links to products with translations available in Spanish, German and French.

Discover Amber Science Kit - Polish Real Amber!

Starter Fossil Kit - Collect 10 Real Fossil Specimens!

Bug Camouflage Set - With Real Scorpion and Stick Insect!

Real Insect Excavation Kit - Dig out 3 Real Bugs!

Dinosaur Dig Kit! Excavate 3 Genuine Dino Fossils!

Gemstone Dig Kit - Excavate 3 Real Gems!

Golden Nugget Dig Kit - Excavate 3 Pyrite Specimens!

Ocean Fossil Digging Kit - Dig Out 3 Real Fossils!

Shark Tooth Dig Kit - Excavate 3 Real Shark Teeth!

Ultimate Geode Kit - Break Open 20 Premium Geodes!

Crack Open 4 Real Geodes - Starter Rock Science Kit

Explorer Geode Kit - Crack Open 7 Real Geodes!

Crack Open 1 Gigantic Geode - Larger than Soft Ball Size!

Break Open 7 Gold Rush Geodes - Find the Golden Treasure Inside!

Glow Rocks: Fluorescent Mineral Science Kit

Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit! Includes Megalodon Tooth Replica!

Mine for Fossils - Dig out 10 Real Fossils like a Paleontologist!

Mine for Gems - Dig Out 10 Real Gemstone Treasures!

Learn How To Pan For Gold like a Real Prospector!

Ultimate Fossil Kit - Collect 15 Rare Fossil Specimens!

Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit - 3 Real Dino Fossils and T-Rex Skeleton!

Ultimate Volcano Kit - Perform Science Fair Experiments!