• Ultimate Break open Real Geodes Science Kit Box
  • 20 break open crystal geodes science kit 31

Ultimate Geode Kit - Break Open 20 Premium Geodes!

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  • This Ultimate Geode Kit Features 20 Real Geodes
  • Kit Contains 3 Different Types of Geodes so that you can compare different crystal formations
  • Full-Color Adventure guide explains all about how geodes were formed and lets you identify the crystals inside
  • Winner of more awards than any other Geode Kit ever created (see product description for details)
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning

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Shelle (not verified)
I ordered this for my homeschool class. Kids got 2 geodes each. Most got one larger (lemon size) and one smaller (pingpong ball size). All but one geode we opened (13 out of the 20) had exciting designs inside. Some were nodules and required more force in breaking (we went for the sock and hammer method). Totally engaged my 7 middle schoolers and would definitely buy again! Also appreciated the informative pamphlet that came with kit. Thanks :)

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