Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit - 3 Real Dino Fossils and T-Rex Skeleton!

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  • Excavate a genuine dinosaur tooth, bone and fossilized dino dung specimen with this hands-on dig kit
  • Kit includes digging tool, brush and magnifying glass & is a great way to start a rock or fossil collection
  • Also buried in the digging brick is a T-Rex skeleton that must be excavated and assembled
  • The 12-page info guide is filled with cool science facts about dinosaurs and was written by teachers
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning

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DIYDanielle (not verified)
First of all, let me explain this kit. You receive some child size archaeology tools, a "brick" the size of your hand, and some cool handouts about dinosaurs. There's coloring pages and information, as well as directions. Once open, you take the tools and scrape away at the brick until you find your dinosaur fossils- which are plastic fortunately so you don't need to stress as if it were a real dinosaur fossil. Phew. Save each piece as you find them and eventually you'll have all of them to then put together. Note that the white dinosaur face on the top of the brick is just decorative so you can dig through that. I did this with my oldest son, G, who is almost 3. Lots of small pieces and it required a lot of adult support given his age, but he really liked it. The best part is he really couldn't harm the pieces, which I didn't realize until we were pretty far into it. They're not so delicate that stressing must be done by the parent, but depending on the age and skill level of your child you can certainly pretend. This is a really cool product and I think it's one that would be even more appreciated by an older child. I wouldn't try to do this with a child smaller than 3 years old unless you're okay doing most of it yourself. I did quite a bit. I imagine I could've spread it out over a few days if I'd wanted him to do more, but I wasn't sure I wanted to pick up the mess each day. This is definitely a good activity to do outside. I've still got a big mess to pick up off my outdoor table... might wanna do it somewhere you can easily sweep it away.
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Closet of Free ... (not verified)
This kit was thoroughly absorbing and fun for Sophia. She was able to start finding things right away as she started carefully scraping away, and it was a great choice on the part of the manufacturer to include the tiny T-rex skeleton to assemble, as it gave her lots and lots of pieces to carefully excavate. It kept her busy for a long time and she got covered in a ton of dirt and dust. She even found the actual, real fossils! She ran around showing them to us and we all were amazed by the smoothness of the bone. I thought it was going to be "real" (as in fake) bones - not actually real! She also really liked the activity book; not surprising that a kid really into science would also like activities. I highly recommend this product! It's perfect for homeschoolers or those who simply love dinosaurs!

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