Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit - 3 Real Dino Fossils and T-Rex Skeleton!

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  • Excavate a genuine dinosaur tooth, bone and fossilized dino dung specimen with this hands-on dig kit
  • Kit includes digging tool, brush and magnifying glass & is a great way to start a rock or fossil collection
  • Also buried in the digging brick is a T-Rex skeleton that must be excavated and assembled
  • The 12-page info guide is filled with cool science facts about dinosaurs and was written by teachers
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning

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Lynsey (not verified)
My son loved this, my husband had fun with it too and it provided not only a great learning experience for my 3 year old, it was fun too. It also gave my son and his dad some precious bonding time as they dug out the fossil together. The dinosaur poop my son thought was disgusting but he also thought it was interesting, it's not every day someone digs out a really dinosaur poop fossil and we all thought it was hilarious. Great product and extremely impressed.
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Cassandra McCann (not verified)
The kit is made for really little kids but not under 3 years of age. I am not sure why the kit contained Dino Poop for a fossil as the kids thought that was really disgusting and nobody wanted to touch it. As most of my loyal reader family knows, my children range in ages and some have special needs, with that said it took about two hours of everyone trying to share and do this with as much care as possible. I do not think the average kid is going to sit and take care to do this project, so make sure you buy based on your kids activity level otherwise you might end up with a mess. I guess my family would try other kits, however we would not pay for them out of pocket as they are just a little to small for us and not much of a challenge. The added tiny T-rex was a thoughtful touch.

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