Real Insect Excavation Kit - Dig out 3 Real Bugs!

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  • This hands-on dig kit contains a genuine spiny spider, fortune beetle, & scorpion preserved in acrylic
  • Kit includes digging tool, brush and magnifying glass and is a great way to start an insect collection
  • Perfect gift for any kid aged 6-12 that is interested in bugs, science, entomology, or paleontology
  • The 12-page info guide is filled with cool science facts about insects and was written by teachers
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning

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Shay (not verified)
My son and I had so much fun with this kit. Excavating the beetle was so much fun. The tools were easy to use, and the magnifying glass made examining the excavated bugs fun. After we excavated the bugs we enjoyed learning the facts about the bugs from the information guide. I think these kits would make great birthday gifts too!
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Sarah Lee (not verified)
My kids have always liked different types of science kits, though this one appeals to my daughter who loves bugs so much that she is looking into entomology during her college years. She doesn’t care that she is 14 and that this is meant for ages 6-12. We got this kit for free* to try and review. Both my daughter and my 10 year old son took a turn digging out the bugs. What I like about this kit is that it tells you what you are going to get up front. Yeah it ruins some of the surprise, but I hate when we buy kits that *might* have various things in them and my kids seem to get the ones that have the bare minimum or the not as popular things. The packaging hypes up the possibility of cooler or more things and then it doesn’t happen, It’s a real let down to them. With this you know what you are going to get so no worries about upset kids.My son was completely happy with the entire thing, no issues. Of course my daughter was hoping for slightly bigger bugs, she declared this baby bugs! She's still happy with them, she's just never seen bugs that tiny. They are going to be drilled with a hole and turned into necklace charms. You can see where one has already been completed. they do not come that way. It comes with an info guide that the kids can flip through at any time to learn more about various bugs and there is an activity booklet with bug themed puzzles they will have fun with even after they have dug out their bugs. For digging the kit has what they call a digging tool, a small brush similar to a paint brush and a cheap plastic magnifying glass. There is a giant green beetle that they use these tools to dig the smaller real bugs encased in acrylic out. The digging tool is plastic with chisel tips, one side had groves like a comb that they can use to scrape and pick at the block. They use the brush to brush dust and debris out of their way as they get down into the beetle block. As an adult I’m kind of ehh about the magnifying glass, maybe my eye site just doesn’t work well with these cheap ones so I don’t feel it works very well to see anything up close in detail. To me it looks similar to the acrylic encasing the bugs. The kids think they are neat and have fun, I just don’t know if they are really using them or just pretending to use them. The bugs in acrylic are definitely real looking bugs, so I’d advise only giving this kit to people who like and can handle the bugs. Even though it says ages 6-12 kids who are not into bugs might not find this kit as appealing as those who do so just make sure you know the kid you are buying it for! I would definitely recommend it for kids who really like science and/or bugs! This kept my kids busy for awhile, my daughter quickly gave in letting her brother do most of it. I think between the two of them they dug at it 2-3 hours! If you have a kid with less patience the parent can probably go in there and break some bigger chunks off but my kids used the digger tool and just slowly scraped it away. They also used a portable vac to clean up as they went, I recommend setting it up on newspaper or have a vac ready to go every so often to suck up some dust! *regardless of getting this Dig Kit for free this is our 100% honest opinion.

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