• Break Open 7 Gold Rush Geodes Science Kit Box
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Break Open 7 Gold Rush Geodes - Find the Golden Treasure Inside!

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  • Crack open 7 Gold Rush Geodes and discover the incredible spray crystal formations inside
  • Kit includes safety Goggles, 2 geode display stands, and magnifying glass
  • Full-color information guide teaches you all about these incredible natural specimens
  • Kit also includes an activity booklet with 10 fun puzzles, games, and challenges to solve
  • This product is the perfect gift for anyone interested in rocks, minerals, geodes, or earth science

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Kimberley (not verified)
We got a set of 3 Dr. Cool Gold Rush geodes on Amazon and 2 were beautiful-just like the picture. The third was not a geode-not a sphere like the others-a hunk of rock that was kind of sparkly but that had more of the same inside-no starburst pattern and more black than gold. We paid $15 for three, so a bit of a bummer to really pay that much for two, but the kids were happy with the two they did get (thank goodness we only have two kids or it would've been a problem).

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