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Rock Tumblers

Dr. Cool is a strong believer in hands-on learning, and with these rock tumblers you can do just that! Learn about minerals and transform rocks from ordinary to extraordinary with these high-quality rock tumblers. We’ve also included jewelry findings so that you can make your very own custom jewelry.


With these powerful tumblers you’ll enjoy easy-to-use operation and fantastic tumbling results! If you are looking for advanced features, you’ll love the shutoff timer and speed control we have built into our Pro Series model. It’s quieter and delivers faster polishing times and better polishing results. If you’re just getting started with this hobby, our basic tumbler will provide everything you need and more. Our high-quality rock tumblers are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know you’re giving an awesome gift!

Turn rough rocks into beautiful polished gemstones with our high-quality rock tumblers. These powerful tumbling machines are perfect for beginners and experienced hobbyists. They each include an assortment of stones, grit, and jewelry findings to help you bring out the natural beauty in each stone. Our Pro Series tumbler includes features not found on any other hobby tumbler!  Perfect for geologists and rock collectors.

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