Pan for Gold Activity Guide Answers

Learn How To Pan For Gold Answers

Pictogram Answer:

Some people say a goose can lay a golden egg, but that is impossible!


Cryptogram Answer:

All that glitters is not gold!


Test Your Knowledge Answers:

1. Some native American tribes

2. Crossing through the jungles of Panama

3. Cell phone, computer, television, gps

4. Sheep’s fleece would trap gold particles when gold-bearing sand was washed over it.

5. $38

6. They are heavy and drop to the riverbed at places where the water slows.

7. Jewelry was the only property women could own

8. 2258 ounces or 141 pounds


True/False Answers:

1. Gold was first used as money around 560 B.C.                                                 T

2. The symbol “12K” means that object is made of only 12% gold.                          F

3. Three quarters of all the gold mined today is made into jewelry.                           T

4. The deepest gold mine in the world is nearly 2.5 miles underground.                    T

5. Pyrite is much harder than gold.                                                                       T

6. Pharaoh Seti I had a treasure map that led to gold deposits in Algeria.                F

7. The California Gold Rush lasted until 1875.                                                       F

8. The ancient Incas called gold “the tears of the sun.”                                           T

9. Pure gold will float in water.                                                                              F







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