Mine for Gems Activity Guide Answers

Mine for Gems Answers

Crossword Answers:


1.  quartz

3.  tigerseye

7.  obsidian

8.  hematite

10. geode



2. turquoise

4. fluorite

5. pyrite

6. calcite

9. amethyst


Pictogram Answer:

Mother has a pair of tiger’s eye gemstone earrings in a box.


Test Your Knowledge Answers:

  1. fluorite
  2. amethyst
  3. fool’s gold
  4. obsidian
  5. calcite
  6. crystals
  7. tiger’s eye
  8. quartz


True/False Answers:

1. Turquoise got its name because turkeys commonly eat this mineral.                F

2. Hematite has been found on Mars                                                                 T

3. Quartz crystals always have a 60 degree angle                                              T

4. Snowflake obsidian forms when lava comes in contact with snow                     F

5. Calcite crystals can make you see double                                                     T

6. Pyrite is really a type of gold                                                                         F

7. Tiger’s eye is as hard as steel                                                                       T


Cryptogram Answer

Answer: Let’s dig for buried treasure.


Jumble Answers:

Words: tiger’s eye, fool’s gold, rose quartz, gemstone, crystal

Secret Phrase: I’m a rock hound.






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