Mega Shark Teeth Activity Guide Answers

Mega Shark Answers

True/False Answers:

1. Lemon sharks are pale yellow in color.                                                            T

2. Mako sharks can be found in many public aquariums.                                      F

3. Ancient megalodons probably weighed over 100 tons.                                       T

4. The hammerhead shark gets its name from its habit of butting with its head.      F

5. Bull sharks have been found in the Mississippi River and the Amazon River.       T

6. The tiger shark’s eggs hatch inside the mother.                                                T

7. All sharks are man-eaters.                                                                              F

8. Sharks only have 1 set of teeth for their entire lives                                           F

Shark Jumble Answers:

Words: baseball, car tire, license plate, dolphin

Secret Phrase: I’ll eat anything!


Cryptogram Answer:

Answer: Megalodons were awesome!


Crossword Answers:


4. Great white

6. megalodon

7. tiger

8. snaggletooth



1. Sand tiger

2. Mako

3. lemon

5. hammerhead


Pictogram Answer:

I saw a hammerhead in the sea swimming beside a dolphin.








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