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These Dr. Cool kits are literally out of this world!  Our Pro Series telescope is one of the most advanced and highest quality telescopes on the market and includes 20 Pro Series features you will love!  Our meteorite dig kit allows kids to dig up a genuine meteorite and tektite (impact glass formed when a meteor strikes earth).  If you’re interested lunar science, you don’t want to miss our Moon Light. With a glow-in-the-dark remote and built-in sleep timer, this is the perfect addition to any child’s room. Plus you’ll learn tons of awesome facts about the moon with our lunar adventure guide (written by teachers).

Explore the final frontier with our space-themed science kits! These are perfect for inspiring young astronauts and astronomers. Our Pro Series telescope will let you see deep into space, and our Moon Light will bring lunar science into your bedroom.  All our space items include teacher-written adventure guides and include a genuine meteorite from space to add to your rock collection!

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