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Dig Kits

Kids love digging up and discovering the hidden treasures buried inside the digging blocks.  Each Dr. Cool kit contains genuine specimens, and our dig kits come in a wide variety of themes to inspire any young scientist.  You could discover lightning-strike specimens (fulgurites), meteorites and impact glass (tektites), shark teeth, dinosaur bones, fossilized sea creatures, insects, gemstones, and more. These kits promote a love of science, with collectible specimens and high-quality educational material (written by teachers). Build an impressive rock and fossil collection with the genuine specimens you uncover. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you and your child will absolutely love your experience, so try out these kits and enjoy exploring the geological wonders of the natural world.

Dig up a variety of treasures with our award-winning dig kits. Whether excavating gemstones, meteorites, dinosaur bones, shark teeth, bugs, or fossils, children will love getting their hands dirty while learning science. In each of our kits you will find high-quality genuine specimens that are the perfect addition to any rock and fossil collection!

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