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Geodes can contain quartz, fluorite, or even amethyst. Which minerals will you find? You can’t go wrong with these all-time best sellers. We get our geodes from multiple mines to provide you the absolute best variety available.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the crystals in our kits. Break them open and see these stunning crystals for yourself. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you won’t be disappointed.


These geology kits also make great homeschool lessons. Each kit includes a teacher-written adventure guide filled with many interesting facts about geode formations and crystals. Bring the whole family together to enjoy this educational hands-on crystal exploration activity. Science doesn’t get any more interactive than this!

Discover these amazing natural wonders! Geodes are hollow rocks that look ordinary on the outside, but crack them open and you’ll uncover beautiful crystal treasures hidden inside!  It’s science fun for the entire family.  Our geode kits feature the highest quality geodes, and we always put multiple types of geodes in each kit so you can discover a variety of crystal formations.

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