Glow Rocks Activity Guide Answers

Glow Rocks Answers

Test Your Knowledge Answers:

1. Sphalerite

2. Willemite and opal

3. Wernerite

4. Shorter

5. Willemite

6. Sir George Stokes

7. Tagging postage stamps for sorting mail, marking currency to prevent counterfeiting, making bright signs, creating theater sets.


True/False Answers:

1. All minerals fluoresce under UV light.                                             F

2. Fluorite was the first glowing mineral known to scientists.                T

3. Ultraviolet light has longer wavelengths than radio waves.                 F

4. Light is a form of energy.                                                               T

5. Willemite was first discovered in New Jersey.                                  T

6. Hackmanite can change color when exposed to sunlight.                 T

7. Sir George Stokes discovered fluorescence in the 1940s.                 F

8. All bugs will glow under a UV lamp                                                 F


Glow Rocks Jumble Answers:

Words: UV light, fluorite, wernerite, hackmanite, dr cool

Secret Phrase: Glow in the dark


Cryptogram Answers:

Answer: Rocks that fluoresce are the best.


Cross Word Answers:

3. wernerite
4. stokes
6. scorpion
7. fingerprint
8. ultraviolet
1.    wavelengths
2.    gemstones
4.   sunscreen
5.   willemite
6. sphalerite


Pictogram Answer:

Forensics can detect fluorescent fingerprints and catch criminals.








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