Break Open Geode Activity Guide Answers

Geode Activity Booklet Answers

Cross Word Puzzle Answers


5. ultraviolet

7. cavity

9. chalcedony

10. shape



1. Iowa

2. Volcano

3. Amethyst

4. Nodule

6. quartz

8. desert


Test Your Knowledge Answers:

  1. 26 feet long and 6 feet wide
  2. A geode is hollow while a nodule is filled in
  3. fluorite and calcite
  4. Silica that becomes chalcedony
  5. It’s spherical and it’s lighter than other rocks the same size
  6. quartz
  7. shape of the earth
  8. Because they are growing into a hollow space protected by a hard outer layer


True/False Answers:

1. Quartz crystals always have six sides                                         T

2. New Jersey named the geode its state rock                                 F

3. Geodes form in cavities left by gas bubbles in lava                       T

4. Calcite crystals have eight sides                                                 F

5. Limestone is a sedimentary rock                                                T

6. Nodules are also known as “thunder eggs”                                   T

7. Amethyst crystals are always deep purple.                                  F

8. All rocks contain crystals inside                                                 F

9. All Geodes can float in water.                                                     F

10. You should wear safety goggles when opening a geode.             T


Geode Jumble:

Answers: rock hound, thunder egg, pretty crystal, hammer and chisel

Phrase: Break it open



Answer: Who knows what you’ll find inside a geode?


Pictogram Answers

Using a hammer and chisel open geodes to find crystal treasure!








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