Fossils Activity Guide Answers

Fossils Answers

Test Your Knowledge Answers:

  1. Latin for “dug up”
  2. Crinoids
  3. Their skeletons are made of cartilage, not bone.
  4. Gastropods
  5. They have double-hinged jaws.
  6. A test
  7. 2 feet long and 6.5 inches wide
  8. They can estimate the date by knowing what layer of rock the fossil was found in.


True/False Answers:

  1. Mosasaurs are not considered dinosaurs.                                                        T
  2. Orthoceras fossils are the horns of ancient lizards.                                          F
  3. Gastropods can only be found in salt water.                                                    F
  4. Scientists can tell what an animal ate by examining fossilized poop.            T
  5. The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space.                                            T
  6. Plants are too delicate to become fossilized.                                                  F
  7. Most dinosaurs were gigantic.                                                                         F
  8. Clam fossils look almost identical to modern-day clams.                                 T
  9. Fossils have been found on every continent except South America.               F
  10. Ancient trilobites are related to modern lobsters.                                            T

Jumble Answers:
Words: dinosaur, sea urchin, shark tooth, filter feeder, clam shell

Secret Phrase: Fossils are fun.


Cryptogram Answer:

Fossils are a fabulous window into the past.


Pictogram Answer:

Paleontologists excavate for coprolite and dinosaur fossils.


Crossword Answers:

4. polyp
6. ammonite
8. mosasaur
9. crinoids
10. fossil
1.  gastropod
2.  sedimentary
3.  hedgehog
5.  orthoceras
7.  cartilage








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