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Each Dr. Cool dinosaur item is a learning adventure that will inspire the dinosaur lover in your family.  Our action figures are highly detailed, historically accurate, and the perfect size for kids to play with.  Both boys and girls will love these hand-painted action figures.

The excavation kits will turn your dinosaur enthusiasts into real paleontologists as they excavate genuine dinosaur fossils buried within the digging bricks.  They will dig out genuine dinosaur bones (sliced and polished), mosasaur teeth, and even dinosaur poop fossils!  These are treasures that they will keep forever.  The information guides (written by teachers) are packed with cool science facts about dinosaurs and the genuine fossils scientists have excavated!  Each kit is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’re giving a quality gift that anyone will love!

Travel back in time and discover the amazing world of the dinosaurs! Give the gift of imaginative play with our historically accurate, hand-painted dinosaur action figures. Or inspire a budding paleontologist to excavate genuine dinosaur fossils with our hands-on dinosaur dig kits.  Each set includes an information guide (written by teachers) and comes with real dinosaur fossils!

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