Shark Tooth Dig Kit Activity Guide Answers

Shark Dig Answers

Shark Tooth Dig Kit Crossword Answers:

Across answers: 3) Otodus, 7) Cartilage 8) Hong Kong   9) Tooth

Down answers: 1) By-catch 2) Plankton 4) Shark fin soup 5) Apex predator 6) Sand tiger

Jumble Answer:

Answers: Shark fin soup, apex predator, sand tiger, crow shark, fossils

Phrase: I’d like a salad instead of soup.

Cryptogram Answer:

 Answer: Sharks need our protection so they don’t become extinct.

 Test Your Knowledge Answers:

1. 500

2. By-catch

3. 450 million years ago

4. Sand tiger

5. Cartilage

6. Dwarf Lantern Shark

7. 90%

8. Shark fin soup


True/False Answers:

1. Shark populations have decreased dramatically in recent decades.                  T

2. Sharks are vicious, mindless, man-eating monsters.                                       F

3. Shark skeletons don’t make good fossils.                                                      T

4. Shark fins are used to make a Chinese soup.                                                T

5. Sharks keep the ecosystem balanced and healthy.                                        T

6. Most sharks have a terrible sense of smell.                                                   F

7. Shark attacks are way more common than being hit by lightning.                    F

8. Most sharks like to eat humans.                                                                   F

9. Sharks only have 1 set of teeth at a time.                                                      F

10. Crow shark teeth resemble the teeth of modern tiger sharks.                         T









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