Ocean Fossil Dig Kit Activity Guide Answers

Ocean Fossil Dig Answers

Jumble Answers:

Jumble Words: seashell, continent, rams horn, abyss

Final Phrase: Ammonites are cool!


Cryptogram Answer:

Secret Message: Who knows what lurks in the abyss?


Test your Knowledge Answers:

1. 4 billion years ago

2. Arm-foot

3. The abyss

4. By squirting ink

5. The Mariana Trench

6. 1%

7. 39 degrees Fahrenheit

8. Cephalopods


True/False Answers:

1. Scientists are finding new ocean species all the time.                                    T

2. Most ocean creatures live in the shallow continental shelves.                         F

3. There are more species on land than in the oceans.                                      F         

4. Some ocean creatures use chemical energy rather than solar energy.             T

5. Most creatures become fossils when they die.                                              F

6. Shark skeletons did not become fossils because they are not bone.               T

7. Ammonites closest modern relative is the chambered nautilus.                       F

8. Brachiopods are considered “living fossils.”                                                   T

9. Fossils are only found in the ocean.                                                             F

10. Ammonites got their name from the Egyptians.                                           T









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