Golden Nugget Dig Kit Activity Guide Answers

Golden Nugget Dig Kit Answers

Crossword Answers:


  1. alloy
  1. forty-niner
  2. goldsmith
  3. jewelry


  1. alchemist
  2. nugget
  3. ghost town
  4. karat


Cryptogram :

 Secret Phrase: Fool’s gold doesn’t fool me!


Jumble Answers :

Jumble Words: fool’s gold, lode, jewelry, alloy, idols

Final Phrase: I really dig gold.


Test Your Knowledge Answers :

1. 560 B.C.

2. White, pink, peach, green.

3. The Incas

4. 2.4 miles (12,600 feet)

5. Fool’s gold

6. Native Americans

7. Cell phone, computer, GPS, TV, airbag

8. 3.1 million pounds


True/False Answers:

1. “Gold leaf” comes from a gold tree.                                                                  F

2.   Pyrite’s name comes from the Greek word for fire.                                          T

3. “Fool’s gold” is often found in the same places as real gold.                              T

4. People in Indiana buy more gold jewelry than anywhere else on earth.               F

5.   Gold is much harder than pyrite.                                                                   F

6. Three-fourths of the world’s gold is used to make jewelry.                                 T

7. Benjamin Franklin discovered in 1770 that gold could be used in dentistry.         F

8. Unlike other metals, gold does not tarnish.                                                      T

9. Copper is worth more than gold                                                                      F

10. 100 years ago, gold sold for less than $10.00 per ounce.                                F









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