Gemstone Dig Kit Activity Guide Answers

Gemstone Dig Kit Answers

Jumble Answers:

Jumble Words: birthstone, signet ring, semi-precious, regalia, hope diamond.

Final Phrase: Not all gems are cursed.


Cryptogram Answer:

Secret Message: Do you know what your birthstone is?


Test your knowledge Answers:

1. Amber

2. Quartz

3. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald

4. Intaglio

5. Amethyst

6. Marie Antoinette

7. Pearl and coral

8. Evalyn Walsh McLean


True/False Answers

1. A rounded gemstone is called a “caboose”.                                       F

2. The “cursed” Hope Diamond is now in a museum.                            T

3. Some gemstones come from sea creatures.                                     T

4. Soldiers thought tigers eye helped them see in the dark.                  F

5. Birthstones are the same all over the world.                                      F

6. Colored stones have been used in amulets for centuries.                 T

7. Quartz is supposed to offer protection from sorcerers.                      F

8. A monarch’s “regalia” includes crowns & scepters of gems.             T

9. Wearing amethyst will make you feel drunk.                                      F

10. Precious stones are always the most valuable                                F









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