Dinosaur Dig Kit Activity Guilde Answers

Dinosaur Dig Kit Answers

Jumble Answers:

Edward Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh, paleontologist, fossil hunter, bone wars

Final Phrase: I wish I could discover a dinosaur, don’t you?



Secret Message: Were the dragons of legend really dinosaurs?


Test your knowledge Answers:

1. Sir Richard Owen

2. Millions of years

3. Their skeletons are made of soft cartilage, not hard bone

4. More than 140

5. 1787

6. The study of ancient life

7. New Jersey

8. Coprolite


True/False Answers

1. Fossils can’t tell us what color dinosaurs really were.                                             T

2. Paleontologists today use dynamite to unearth fossils.                                          F

3. Most prehistoric plants and animals became fossils when they died.                     F

4. The name “dinosaur” means “fearfully great lizard.”                                              T

5. The most famous 19th-century fossil hunters were from Germany.                         F

6. Some mosasaurs grew longer than a Tyrannosaurus rex.                                      T

7. The “bone wars” refers to a huge battle during the Civil War.                                F

8. There are lots of fossils in South Dakota and Montana.                                        T

9. The first Dinosaur fossil was found in Alaska                                                         F

10. Dinosaur poop is a type of “trace fossil”                                                               T


Dino Crossword Answers:

Across answers:  1) Dynamite 3) Paleontologist 5) Fossils 7) Mosasaur 8) Hadrosaur

Down answers: 2) Megalosaurus 4) Coprolite 6) Cartilage 7) Mesozoic








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