Bug Dig Kit Activity Guide Answers

Bug Dig Activity Book Answers

Crossword Answers:

Across: fleas, fairyfly, moth, butterflies

Down: cockroach, caterpillar, ladybug, ants, beetle, bees, bedbugs


Cryptogram Secret Phrase:

We could not live without insects!


Jumble Answers:

Jumble Words: Jointed legs, abdomen, compound eyes, thorax, antennae

Final message: Insects don’t bug me!


Test your knowledge Answers:

1.  Head, thorax, abdomen

2.  Four

3.  They pollinate crops and decompose waste

4.  Entomologist

5.  Larva

6.  Catching and wrapping prey, climbing, lining burrows, making egg sacs

7.  Ancient Egypt

8.  Eight


 True/False Questions

1.  All spiders have venom that can kill humans.                                    F
2.  Insects were on the planet 100 million years before dinosaurs.        T

3.  One in four animal species on earth is a beetle.                                T

4.  There are more birds than butterflies.                                                F

5.  Scarab beetles got their name because they are scary.                    F

6.  Some scorpions glow under ultraviolet light.                                      T

7.  All insects go through a caterpillar stage.                                          F

8.  Insects live on all the continents.                                                       T








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