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Polish Real Amber in Search of Ancient Insects!

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MSRP:  $29.95

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  • WHAT WILL YOU FIND? – You could find rare bugs worth hundreds of dollars or nothing at all—each piece must be polished to reveal its hidden secrets

  • POLISH REAL AMBER – This kit provides sandpaper and 5 pieces of real, unpolished amber to add to your rock collection

  • REAL SCORPION KEYCHAIN – You also get a real scorpion preserved in artificial amber. Great as a zipper pull for a kid’s backpack

  • STEM SCIENCE – Spark a child’s interest in science with this entomology exploration kit. Our educational adventure guide is written by professional teachers

  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY – Join the 1000’s of parents who have chosen our award-winning toys, and rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Explore real amber in search of fossilized prehistoric insects!
    This Amber Polishing Science Kit provides all you’ll need to explore fossilized amber. Bring your amber to a shine with gemstone-quality sandpaper. Children will learn about the formation of amber and how to determine if amber is real or fake using our educational adventure guide.



This Amber Polishing Kit includes:

• Five real pieces of raw, unpolished amber
• Six grades of gemstone quality sandpaper
• Instructions, a workstation tray, and magnifying glass
• A scorpion keychain with a real scorpion preserved in artificial amber
• An adventure guide with awesome amber facts, written by teachers
• An activity booklet with 10 exciting puzzles, mazes, and challenges

Children love the chance of discovery with this Amber Polishing Kit. Polished amber is the perfect addition to any rock and fossil collection. When you’re done polishing, dive into the activity booklet for even more fun and enjoyment. This kit makes the perfect gift for boys and girls with an interest in rocks, fossils, or insects.

Get your kit today and search for ancient insects!



A Brand You Can Trust


Discover with Dr. Cool is a name parents trust.  Founded by a teacher and a life-long rock hound back in 2009, Dr. Cool has won over 100 awards for the play value, educational content, and overall quality of their toys.  These awards include:


  • 10 Best Toys for Kids - Dr. Toy

  • Kid's Product of the Year - Creative Child Magazine

  • Award of Excellence - Parent Tested, Parent Approve

  • Best of the Year – Family Review Center

  • Brain Toy Award – Academic’s Choice

  • Brain Child Toy Award – Tillywig Toy

  • Teachers Choice Award - Learning Magazine


All Discover with Dr. Cool products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know you’re giving a quality gift that any child will love!


Science doesn’t get any cooler than this!

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