Mine for Gems - Dig Out 10 Real Gemstone Treasures!

Dig for 10 Real Gemstones! Uncover 10 real gemstones with this fun treasure-hunting excavation kit! Our premium digging adventure kits includes a digging tool, brush, and 10 genuine specimens buried within a digging block. Gemstone highlights include: pyrite, amethyst, quartz crystals, tigers eye and more! This kit also contains a full-color adventure guide so that you can identify and learn about each specimen, and an activity booklet with 10 fun puzzles, games, and challenges. What a great way to start a rock collection!


Genuine Dinosaur Tooth Necklace

Own a Genuine Dinosaur Tooth Necklace! The genuine dinosaur tooth in this necklace is approximately 85 Million years old and belonged to the Mosasaur which was one of the most ferocious dinosaurs to roam the oceans during the Cretaceous Period. Learn about this spectacular creature with the information included with this necklace. Also included is a certificate of authenticity.


Glow Rocks: Fluorescent Mineral Science Kit

Glow Rocks are Rare Minerals that Fluoresce or "Glow" under UV light! This is the ultimate earth science kit for anyone who loves rocks and minerals! Glow Rocks are rare minerals that "light up" under a special UV lamp (which is included in this kit). These super-cool glowing rocks transform like magic. Simply shine the special light over the rocks in this kit and be amazed as they start glowing in different colors. From money to stamps, you'll be astonished by all the things that have hidden glowing properties.


Crack Open 1 Gigantic Geode - Larger than Soft Ball Size!

Break open 1 Gigantic Geode! – Larger than a Softball! Sometimes size does matter! If you want to break open a gigantic geode, then this is the kit for you! Gigantic Geodes are the largest geodes that you can buy and crack open without rock saws and special equipment. Crack them open and discover the incredible crystal treasure inside. Instructions for opening them are included. Geodes are an amazing natural phenomenon and cracking them open is a thrill for all ages! What a great way to start a rock collection!


Ultimate Geode Kit - Break Open 20 Premium Geodes!

Break Your Own Geodes - The Ultimate Geode Science Kit! Find the hidden crystals inside these premium quality geodes! The geodes in this kit are millions of years old and were formed when prehistoric volcanoes erupted. Crack open these real geodes to discover the incredible crystal treasures hidden inside! This ultimate kit includes 20 geodes from 3 different mines so your rock hound can experience a wide variety of crystal formations which could include: Quartz, fluorite, calcite, or even amethyst!



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